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  • Creating a Brand

    It's no secret creating a business or brand is hard work. You got to love it and want it to succeed.  For over a month I have been working on packa...
  • 5781 Here we come!

    We all know this past year has been hard to say the least. But we're also learning how to cope with our new normal here at Tiny & Mighty. Creating has kept me sane through this time and I cannot wait to share my new products for this coming year. 
  • Creating our Jewish Holiday Bonanza Collection

    I took my holiday print and researched a way to print on gauze muslin 100% cotton fabric. I ordered my fabric digitally printed with my design, sewed my sample and I had a moment. This was my creation. This was it.
  • Our Story: Tiny & Mighty

    Tiny & Mighty's inspiration came from me working as a preschool teacher, all these iconic symbols for the Chagim (Jewish Holidays) and teaching the kids, these icons are a form of logos for the kids, they see a Shofar, its Rosh Hashana, I figured these can be adorable in watercolor. After that, I worked in a Judaica store, I found there were no unique baby gifts, there were generac gifts that I personally would not be excited to give or receive, and I realized I can create my own stuff. The research began. I already had the skills to paint, design and edit, all I needed was to figure out the business side of things, and voila! Tiny & Mighty was created.