Creating our Jewish Holiday Bonanza Collection

Creating our Jewish Holiday Bonanza Collection

My sister was expecting her first kid, my first nephew and I was beyond excited. I wanted to buy all the things for my first nephew. I started browsing online to see what was available finding things that both me and my sister would like for her baby. I was looking into nursing/car seat combos when it occurred to me that if I teach myself how to sew I can make that myself. Then I started looking into prints, which ones would be cute. I started looking around for prints I thought would look great on fabric and came across my old work, I found a pomegranate I painted with watercolor and realized I can create a Jewish Holiday themed nursing cover. I continued playing around with the design and painting more and more and I decided Jewish Holiday symbols would look better on a blanket than on a nursing cover, I was not crazy about the white background for a nursing cover as it needed to be modest as well. I ended up ordering a sewing machine, taught myself how to sew and created a small batch of two prints, our green floral and sunglasses design. 


I took my holiday print and researched a way to print on gauze muslin 100% cotton fabric. I ordered my fabric digitally printed with my design, sewed my sample and I had a moment. This was my creation. This was it. 

Tiny and mighty unique jewish baby gift holiday bonanza blanket

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